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TetraSoft develops route optimization software for the transport and service sector and software to detect and control the execution of transport and service tasks.

We have the following software products.

MapBooking – used for planning and optimization of freight and passenger transport, and planning of sales-, craft- and service tasks.

Download MapBooking brochure: MapBooking – brochure

MapFleet  – Manage orders and task registration along with fleet management and navigation in a single solution. MapFleet terminal software can be used on PCs, PDAs, tablets and smartphones. For those who want a pure fleet management system we offers an black box solution.

Download MapFleet brochure: MapFleet – brochure

MapFleet+ – is a 100% web-based solution that contains MapBooking and MapFleet in a comprehensive solution. This solution is particularly suitable for companies with a small number of cars, as it is a very cost effective solution up to about 15 cars.

Download MapFleet+ brochure: MapFleet+ – brochure

MakeTimeSheet – is a 100% web based solution for time registration. It is free for single-users. For companies we have a multi-user version. The multi-user version costs a small amount per employee and delivers data to your the payroll system. Create a free account on www.maketimesheet.com and get startet.

Download MakeTimeSheet brochure: MakeTimeSheet – brochure
(english version is available from 1. april 2015)


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